Wednesday, April 29, 2020


An important TKC READER FACT CHECK shares demographic info on people who REALLY rely on public transit. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that KANSAS CITY HIPSTER HYPE ABOUT MIDDLE-CLASS NEXTGEN LOVE FOR THE BUS OR THE TOY TRAIN IS MOSTLY THEORETICAL.

Again, this should be obvious given that streetcar ridership declined by more than half.

Here's the data to back up the assertion:

Who's left riding public transit? Hint: it's not white people.

During a single week in March, our app usage dropped 30%. By week two, it was down 70%. Then it bottomed out: for the past few weeks, our app Transit has been holding steady, with usage down 77% below normal.


Anonymous said...

It's just homeless on the streetcar now. Poor bastards.

Anonymous said...

white people ride Public Transit before?

Anonymous said...

^^^Not you. You never leave your rented trailer.

Anonymous said...

^^^ nobody rents a trailer dumbass

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone think it's funny how they closed everything else but public transit? That should have been the first thing to close givin the fact it's the best way to get that virus. Something not right about that.

@8:30 I would rather live in a trailer than on the east side. Today's trailer are pretty nice with fireplaces two bathrooms skylights. East side houses 800sq ft dirty carpet, stink, trash in the yard and killing is the norm.

castizaje said...

Medium can fuck right off, gee, wonder why normal euro Americans don't want to ride ,when you got bus drivers getting beat and buses getting shot up. I guess the po whites who ride the bus are honorary negroes

Mo Rage said...


It's abandon.

Anonymous said...

Or, there's a thing called past tense as the article describes completed action in the past.

The more you know!

Anonymous said...

They don't close public transit because then poor people couldn't get to work.That is the reason why they kept the subways running in new york, even though the decision to do so cost thousands of China Virus deaths.

Democrat mayors of cities understand that closing public transit would draw the ire of their base.

While we would like to think that public officials make decisions based upon health and safety, political considerations play a much larger part than most of us would like to acknowledge.

Anonymous said...

^^You're very boring.

Anonymous said...

I won't ride any local buses if their wasn't a health crises going on.

Anonymous said...

MoRage you're the one who needs to learn how to speak.

1. forsaken or deserted:
an abandoned building; an abandoned kitten.
2. unrestrained or uncontrolled; uninhibited:
She danced with abandoned enthusiasm.
3. utterly lacking in moral restraints; shameless; wicked:
an abandoned and dissolute ruler.

Now go get your shinebox, Byrons shoes are scuffed and you can't have you lover looking bad.

Anonymous said...

^^WTF? Are you retarded or stupor dave? You actually went to a dictionary? OMG, you couldn't be a bigger loser!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^no they made their point while you just as always posted some loser shit. So who is the real idiot here.........YOU!

Anonymous said...



Use of mass transit FELL during a stay-at-home order?

Holy fucking shit! What incredible insight!

Did local businesses notice a drop in sales when everyone was under a stay-at-home order?


Anonymous said...

No, obviously the best way to get CV19 is to be near a tourist after they come back home to JOCO.

Super Dave said...

So public transportation can stay operating but we can't have polls open for voting?

Anonymous said...

^^^Yes. That’s right. What don’t you get dummy?

Anonymous said...

What's public transit?