Thursday, April 30, 2020

Guv Parson Seyz Missouri Is Gonna Have To Go Back To Work Despite Coronavirus

Mandate from the Guv and a reminder that this Heartland is home to "hire (& fire) at will" employment policy . . . Read more:

Missouri Gov. Parson: 'If boss calls, you've got to go back to work'

Missouri workers reluctant to return to work when the state's COVID-19-related restrictions are lifted Monday will have to make a choice. Gov. Mike Parson said Thursday during his daily press briefing when the state economy reopens, employees will be expected to report to work - or risk their jobs.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Parsons.

Forcing people back to work in unsafe conditions is unconscionable. Firing them for their refusal to not place themselves in danger is grounds for massive lawsuits.

Hope you and your cronies have deep pockets.

Anonymous said...

If you're sick with the Rona....sorry bro, head into the plant and make sure to get everyone else ill. Hopefully, you kill an employee or two while you're at it.