Sunday, April 26, 2020


The Sunflower crisis of conscience is now complete in Kansas as the lockdown draws to and end.

Here's the money quote in after a victory which put here on the wrong side of faith communities but utlimately garners a win for her rep and public health:

“My highest priority has been, and will continue to be, keeping Kansans safe during this pandemic,” Kelly said. “While I am confident that we have the law on our side, the agreement with these two churches will allow us to move forward and focus our efforts on mitigating the spread of the disease and working to restart the economy.”

Check the links:

KCTV5: Governor Kelly reaches agreement with 2 churches that filed lawsuit

KMBC: Under the agreement, the churches will comply with safety protocols put in place by the court.

WIBW: Gov. Laura Kelly does not plan on extending Stay-at-Home order past May 3rd

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

She did the right thing. Too bad she couldn't keep it out of the headlines.

Anonymous said...

Totally missing the point. The headlines were the most important part of this argument. Churches are just as media savvy as anyone else.

Anonymous said...

"too bad she couldn't keep it out of the headlines".. Yes we should never report when a Politician violates freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Should we also allow the Nazi to enforce more of her beliefs on us ? Your leader is good at pushing agendas she loves ( LGBT ) but nothing beyond that. Ask her how well she budgets , isn't that what she bragged about being the best at ?