Thursday, April 30, 2020

Golden Ghetto Gym Rats Demand Reopen

This fit couple want to bring their biz back despite risk identified from medical pros . . . Here's one of their stories. Read more:

Johnson County boutique gym owners say they'll sue the state over right to reopen next week

Boutique gym owners Mike and Jena Green say they have a right to reopen their gym and will defend their civil liberties in a lawsuit if necessary/Courtesy photoThe owners of a Johnson County boutique gym are threatening to pursue legal action against the state if their boutique workout studio is not allowed to reopen to the public next week.


Anonymous said...

Tough out there for the gym crowd. Someone I know who has an independent gym sent out a feeler to their members and about 85-90% of them said they wouldn't go back anyway if they got the green light to open up this week.

Anonymous said...

They don't have the right to spread virus thru their business. Go get a job like everybody else.

Anonymous said...

You can open. But people will not return. Not for years till this has blown over and been forgotten