Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Desperately Seeking Rich Kansas City Suckers To Rent Defunct Webster House

Here's a peek at real estate promotional content disguised as news. The hack note kisses the . . . ring of very rich Kansas City power players and donors in the aftermath of failed high society venture.

Meanwhile, without any real reporting . . . Local busybodies can only speculate how much cash this project dropped if ELITE BIG MONEY LOCALS are looking to opt out of anything but collecting a leasing arrangement.

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Helzberg Has No Plans to Walk Away From Webster House, Despite Closing

Faced with a pandemic shutdown and the likelihood its important patron, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, will remain dark until fall, Shirley Helzberg had no choice but to close her labor of love, the Webster House, permanently.


Anonymous said...

The solution is perfectly straightforward and has been used in KCMO many many times.
Someone who heads a mysterious "development team" and has a great presentation that just rolls right over the KCMO electeds, but turns out not to have any money, should just take over the operation.
Within a couple months, after it becomes clear that the "team" consists of the developer and his 6 year-old daughter and family pets and is already upside-down financially, just head for 12th and Oak and tell them that "we've come this far, so we just can't turn back now".
And, voila!, let the taxpayer subsidies roll!
As predictable as the sun rising in the east.

Anonymous said...

I could never put my thoughts in words better than you.. thanks

Anonymous said...

First thing people bail on is the ARTS. Wait until Socialism hits. Basic bitches.

Retro ROCKER said...

The twenty percent is holding on to there money. And wood firing there Steaks at home. The Food always taste better when you cook it yourself. Oh and the Missouri wine .

Anonymous said...

It was basically on a dead end street. It was not welcoming to the bulk of the market. It was very niche and the niche was way too small. Plus a lot of restaurants loved by the charity ball set have opened up around the crossroads. Hard to be critical of Shirley though... She has given a tremendous amount to KC. There are a lot of people with her money that hide all year in Florida or Martha's Vineyard.