Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Democracy Doesn't Matter In Clay County?!?

Earnest write-up of this spending concern in the Northland is worthwhile even if it omits the widely known fact that this entire hot mess is mostly a proxy war betwixt two REPUBLICAN political consultants fighting for Northland Supremacy . . . Read more:

One Clay County Commissioner Can Spend Millions Without Public Input

One Clay County commissioner has the authority to approve spending decisions on a controversial $20 million new county annex without public discussion. On Monday, the Clay County commission, on a two to one vote, gave that power to Commissioner Gene Owen.


Anonymous said...

Nolte is an empty pant suit. Can’t wait to see him run Clay !

Will he complain to his social media neophytes about how he keeps getting outvoted in 2021?

Crying wolf only lasts so long....

Super Dave said...

One or a group of wolfs makes no difference as they all will raid and raid and raid till there's nothing left.

Politicians are like wolfs and your tax dollars are the chicken coup.

Anonymous said...

Nolte has made great effort to create controversy since his first day on the commission. Zero effort to work with others to address problems.

He and the rest of his sick friends will have to return to their rotten roost someday; and they will have to live with all the bitterness they caused.

Bad karma from false malicious attacks to injure others can cause mental and physical illness to the perpetrator. Cancer from bad karma is tragic

Anonymous said...

Go chase yourself @9:49 - Nolte might ot be a saint, but he is seventeen million times better than either Ridgeway or Owen!
I swear, those two thieves create chaos just for the sheer enjoyment they get from it.

You must either a) have the same last name as one of the "Dastardly Due" or b) be one of their flunky accomplices.

Hopefully somebody will find enough traces of undestroyed evidence to put those two and every damn one of their thieving friends behind bars!

Anonymous said...

^^^ @10:55 - you are complaining because Nolte will not commit the same crimes as the other two?

Which one of them are you?

Anonymous said...

Nolte was a struggling cartoonist before going into politics.
He learned that developers will pay well for their TIFs.

Owen has a background in construction and was voted authority to approve spending for the new annex.

Ridgeway is an experienced attorney and knows what she is doing.

Nolte's crybaby days are winding down.

Anonymous said...

Ridgeway is an opportunist with delusions of adequacy and Owen is her lapdog!

There, @11:27, fixed that for you!