Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Crushing Debt Threatens To Cancel U.S. Economic Recovery After Coronavirus

Big picture news as the nation grows increasingly frustrated with stay-at-home orders and some politicos are openly arguing against the policy.

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Why the chances for a 'V'-shaped economic recovery are getting less likely by the day

The abrupt halt in large parts of economic activity has spurred hopes, as indicated by Monday's market rally, that when the growth engine is turned back on, the U.S. will be turbo-charged and ready to roar.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that repeated Republican increases to the Deficit don't really help the US Economy in the long run?

But "Voodoo Economics" is the basis for all GOP political thought!

Anonymous said...

Turns out Stock Buy Backs sucked the life out of the US Economy anyway. Thank you Obama, you're book career is over.

Anonymous said...

Chicken Little stories - the markets are roaring back !

Diddling Don said...

There you go again. Obama Derangement Syndrome. You clearly don’t have a command of the facts. It was Trump who gave the massive debt-increasing corporate tax breaks leading to stock buybacks. They squandered the cash and were left with ducks in hand once Trump lies about coronavirus and destroyed the economy. These upticks in the crashed stock market are simply bear market traps. Sell, sell, sell while you can. 10 MILLION unemployed and counting. 10,000 dead and counting. Still no public tests like Trump said. Still no vaccine like Trump said. Dear Leader’s constant lies are coming home to roost.

Cock-a-fucking-doodle-doo, Deplorables.

Anonymous said...

Has your case manager checked in? I think you're overdue for your meds. Can you clean the froth away from your mouth when you rant meaninglessly at least?

Anonymous said...

Roaring back?

Stocks were down again today. Down nearly 19% for the year. Still trading in bear market territory. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

You're not sorry. You LOVE it when the economy suffers, because it might reflect on Trump.

That's because you're out of your very tiny mind.

Diddling Don said...

Trump lied; Americans died.