Crime Scene: KCPD 'Busted' Website Shares Local Felony Suspect Charges & Pix

Quick glimpse at local life during the pandemic and Kansas City suspect info during the pandemic . . . Checkit:

KCPD: "Police are looking for this man who is suspected of stealing numerous condensers from air conditioning units near 83rd & Troost Ave., between March 16 - April 2, 2020. He has been seen walking around the area and on the pictured red mountain bike."

KCPD: "This woman used a stolen credit card to purchase two Macbooks at the Best Buy at 9130 NW Skyview Ave. on Feb. 21."

Developing . . .


  1. Hey! That's my ex old lady.
    Thieving bitch can kiss next months check goodbye.

  2. Jamal in the hood and Karen in a hat. Good luck with those pics...

  3. America's dumbest criminals - little known secret that a "mask" will hide your identity from the po-po.


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