Thursday, April 02, 2020

Crashes Continue On Kansas City Streets Despite Coronavirus Traffic Cutbacks

Another reminder that this town suffers from a deadly case of LeadFoot - A condition that kills hundreds every year. Read more:

KCPD says traffic crashes not decreasing despite stay-at-home order

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, police say that despite a stay-at-home order keeping many people inside their homes, the number of traffic crashes during the last part of March was fairly consistent compared with the prior year.


Anonymous said...

On the highways, people are now driving faster than the speed limits. That's the reason why. Many think less traffic means I can do whatever I want. Then, of course, they crash. Coming back to reality that they still need to obey traffic laws.

Anonymous said...

^^Thanks Maude for that dime-store analysis, but you haven't driven in decades. Please go back to your "stories".

Anonymous said...

Who's Maude? And what does she have to do with 8:24AM comment?