Thursday, April 02, 2020


The reality is that this industry in decline won't like be rehiring staff anytime soon.

Money line:

"Entercom, which employs about 5,000 people, also will temporarily suspend its dividend and 401(k) company match, eliminate first- and second-quarter bonuses, and trim salaries by 10% to 20% for those earning more than $50,000 . . ."

Entercom’s Kansas City stations are: WDAF-FM: 106.5 The Wolf, KWOD-AM: 1660 The Score, KCSP-AM: 610 Sports Radio, KRBZ-FM: 96.5 The Buzz, KMBZ-FM: 98.1 KMBZ FM, KQRC-FM: 98.9 The Rock, KZPT-FM: 99.7 The Point, KMBZ-AM: Talk 980 AM.

More info here for subscribers:

Entercom Communications plans furloughs at radio stations - Kansas City Business Journal

The COVID-19 pandemic has slashed advertising revenue for Philadelphia-based radio station operator Entercom Communications Corp., which now plans to start laying off and furloughing employees. Entercom (NYSE: ETM) has 235 stations, including eight in the Kansas City market.


Anonymous said...

LOL, Mike Kennedy picked a bad time to return to radio AKA
broadcasting sinking ships as the so called boss. He's being overpaid I'm sure so will probably be cut along with his wife so they can keep Johnny Dare on the air. Have to keep Johnny going as it's the only station that Entercom has in KC making any money.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +100

Anonymous said...

But dont worry...Sputnik Radio...1140 am and 102.9 FM is state sponsored by the Russians out of Petersburg. They admit it on the program. The station owner and manager Pete Schartel is your classic Useful Idiot. And rest assured, he is getting played to promote their disinformation.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ TRUE. Shut. It. Down.

Anonymous said...

As evidenced by the boring comments above, only Boomers listen to or care about, terrestrial radio. The rest of us moved on from it years ago. OK Boomers?

Grip Madlock said...

Give it 3 weeks and Scott Parks will be knee deep in the booze.

Anonymous said... buy his claim he's sober now???? I didn't buy that for a second.