Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak Continues To Impact KCPD As Violent Crime Remains Constant

Update on staffing situation as threat of rising violence persists and ramps up as the lockdown continues . . . Read more:

4 KCPD officers, 4 civilian employees have coronavirus; additional precautions taken

Four Kansas City police officers and four civilian employees have tested positive for the new coronavirus, Police Chief Rick Smith said Tuesday. None of those affected have been hospitalized and all are recovering at home. Officials are waiting for the results from 12 coronavirus tests to be returned.


Hu Fludu said...

Testing positive for the coronavirus doesn't mean SQUAT!
The vast majority of those contracting the virus don't even realize it, or have minimal typical flu-like symptoms.
As an individual, there is no point in being tested for the coronavirus unless you're a needy hypochondriac.
If you go to a hospital/clinic/provider's office and test positive, they will send you home unless you're in respiratory distress or otherwise need immediate care. It serves no useful purpose.
Widespread testing and contact tracing, now that the virus is endemic, is a meaningless government jobs program initiative.
Government response to the virus has guaranteed that the "crisis" will last much longer and have future recurring spikes, than if they had followed logical protocol from the beginning: Encourage the sick and elderly to self-isolate, while all others wear masks when outside the home and take simple precautions like hand washing. Otherwise, business goes on as usual. Herd immunity comes much quicker and we didn't destroy the national economy. Government has been ass-backwards.

Byron Funkhouser said...

And you know this how?

It's interesting how I don't actually have to watch Fox Entertainment because the talking points are always regurgitated here.

I watch CNN where Trump's lies are fact checked in real time.

Hu Fludu said...

Funkhouser, you're absolutely one of (if not the #1) the dumbest people who comment here.
Unlike you, I don't watch Fox or CNN because I recognize both for the propaganda work that they're paid to deliver.
As well, I'm not a Trump or Biden fan, as both are compromised controlled agents to provide the illusion of political choice to a brainwashed public.
Do you know why nothing ever changes significantly within the national political arena? Because people like you, Funkhouser, who think they're paying attention and staying up-to-date on the "news" are actually just absorbed into a false construct of Right vs. Left, Conservative vs. Progressive. You've been tricked into identifying yourself with one political side, and constantly goaded into attacking your perceived political enemy. While everyone's distracted with the infighting, those in power are continuing to rape and pillage across the globe for more wealth and power.
Nothing I said in the original post should be controversial if you're reading widely and educating yourself. Here's the absolute truth about this "Coronavirus Crisis": it's true purpose was to provide a plausible cover for a global financial bailout, increase market share of the largest corporations, expand the surveillance state, fuel geopolitical tension between the U.S. and China's rising ambition, and more.