Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Coronavirus Numbers Continue Surge In KCMO, Missouri And Kansas

Coronavirus Numbers Continue Surge In KCMO, Missouri And Kansas

Kansas City Health Department confirms 128 local cases.

Health officials reporting 1,581 positive COVID-19 cases in Missouri Wednesday, including 18 deaths

Kansas up to 482 cases of COVID-19, 11 deaths

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who isn't wearing a mask and gloves while out shopping for essentials is nuts at this point.

Anonymous said...

923 deaths in spain yesterday translates into 6,400 rate if usa experiences same curve.

Anonymous said...

Where did you learn that math at? From the coronavirus news network?

My Pillow Guy said...

Democrat hoax. Virus under control. Air tight. BENGHAZI!!!

Anonymous said...

Missouri up to 1,581 cases of COVID-19, with 18 deaths
18/1581 = 1.14 percent mortality

Kansas up to 482 cases of COVID-19, with 11 deaths
11/482 = 2.28 percent mortality

Isn't that ODD?

These statistics are fluid data, constantly changing with each update, but it is statistically significant that Kansas is reporting a COVID-19 mortality rate EXACTLY double that of Missouri.

No one is playing with the numbers are they?

Anonymous said...

^^^ There are no anti-viral treatments for this illness.

Let's keep deleting false comments that have dangerous implications.