Monday, April 13, 2020

Coronavirus Killing Missouri Revenues

First glimpse at Missouri suffering serious economic setbacks amid ongoing pandemic impact . . . Checkit:

Missouri lawmakers seek answers on state budget planning

The downturn in state revenue predicted last month is starting to be felt, with tallies of sales and income tax receipts showing sharp drops in the first 10 days of April.State lawmakers last week passed a supplemental budget bill with almost $6 billion in possible spending, most of it federal aid provided through coronavirus relief bills passed by Congress.

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Anonymous said...

And not one word from the City of Kansas City, MO. Revenue shortfalls of 15-20% aren't out of the questions but the budget moved forward by Quinton Lucas is an increase from the prior year. The feds may cover the costs of COVID-19 expenses but the feds will not cover the revenue shortfalls. No money for the "goodwill" initiatives. The feds aren't going to cover the costs associated with the increases in overtime for police and fire. Despite the recent news stories stating otherwise, police and fire activity isn't increasing due to the pandemic.