Thursday, April 16, 2020

Coronavirus Inspires Kansas City Unity Temple On The Plaza To Offer Free Memorials

Community concern and a helping hand from this local institution worth a mention along with a classic postcard view of their building before developers ruined the Plaza . . .

Unity Temple on the Plaza Offering Free Memorial and Celebration of Life Services

The current state of the United States, and many places in the world, is one of great discomfort and caution. Lives have been disrupted and severe hardships have
fallen on many. One of the areas that is the most discomforting is losing a loved one but having no way to memorialize the person or celebrate their life. There is no closure and at this point we don’t know when there will be.

To help ease this situation, Unity Temple on the Plaza is offering free Memorial and Celebration of Life Services. This will be done via live stream so family and
friends from any location can gather in the safety of their homes and experience a live individual service that honors their loved one. Pictures of the deceased can be shown and there are several options for special music.

Friends and family can email their favorite memories of their loved one to be read during the service. Unity Temple is honored to be able to offer this option during these trying times.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.


Reverend Duke Tufty
Senior Minister

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Anonymous said...

Unity.... they have a nick name. Everyone calls them the smiling idiots. Ever been there you will know what I mean. Weird people.