Saturday, April 11, 2020


Longstanding disparity in healthcare, housing, and access threaten this part of KC despite the local numbers overall have been lower than expected . . . Read more:

Data shows COVID-19 hard hitting in KC's most economically disenfranchised areas

New data shows how communities of color and lower incomes are being disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Of eight people who have died from coronavirus in Kansas City, five were black.Outside of a market at Linwood Boulevard and Prospect Avenue, the free masks go fast.


Anonymous said...

So, annual HIV related deaths in America will be greater than Covid-19. One we promote as a 24/7 social agenda of superior people. Catch the Rainbow. And the other as people that should be quarantined, identified, outed, mass buried and falsely labeled as only boomers and geezers. Remember - states like California allow a person to knowingly transmit AIDS to people without any liablity. Catch the rainbow of a virus promoted everywhere. Be labeled a geezer deserving of death by the same people promoting the rainbow.

Anonymous said...

Disenfranchised means that they once had a right or privilege that was taken away from them. Economically disenfranchised must mean that they had assets that were taken away. That is obviously baloney. They have never managed to economically enfranchise themselves, and therefore can't now be disenfranchised.

Anonymous said...

In a word: Lowlifes.

Anonymous said...

Pro tip. Stop passing around and sharing out of your 40 oz Colt 45.

Anonymous said...

Everyone lives wit dey grandmas

Super Dave said...

The biggest task to catching this virus is practicing good health habits and cleanliness.

Being poor black or white is not an excuse to not be practicing both of the above. I see poor people of both colors saying we are broke while drinking top shelf booze and smoking name brand cigarettes with arms and legs full of tattoos wearing expensive and the latest sports related attire.

Many people stay poor due to poor ways of living. I have seen many poor people living in same as a shack but it was a clean shack, the clothes they wore were plain jane as hell and some I'm sure were hand me downs but they were clean and that meant if necessary washing them in the kitchen sink and hanging to dry on makeshift clothesline. Over the years I have helped some with repairs to their homes with what I could afford to help out with at the time and some felt and will refuse free help while being poor themselves as they think others need help more than them. Poor is as much a white thing as a black thing in this area but I'm surprised as that's as far as sharing much of the same of being poor goes.

Us old geezers know how to deal with things and make do with things all the while doing without many things. But as a rule we clean up not only ourselves but where we live as well for as long as we physically can because we understand the need to. But the hateful millennials and generation Z's can't wait for us to die off. They see us as a burden while I see it as the complete opposite. It's not the poor old people you see screaming in front of the media demanding free this and that.

I mean when was the last time you drove to a middle class neighborhood and seen a group of men sitting on a corner all passing around and drinking from the same bottle or glass? Sure we have an occasional block party where we shut down the cul de sac and all sit in lawn chairs visiting while watching the kids play but it's BYOB and proper hygiene is and will be taking place. The mass majority of the population of this country has no excuse for not following proper safe hygiene practices in the home or out in public.

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