Thursday, April 09, 2020

Coronavirus Exposed College As Scam

A glimpse at the new normal and teleconferencing for university credit via this snarky city college post probably provides a reason most 20-somethings should avoid taking on tens of thousands worth of debt and employers should stop requiring it.

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Welcome to Zoom University

Consider me your orientation leader while we are visiting Zoom University


Anonymous said...

Social Media Dimwits. How do parents produce these creatures? DNA mutations from GMO's?

Anyway Zoom is a serious security risk.

Oh wait there will be a patch?

LOL right uh huh

Anonymous said...

It's empowering us!

ROFLMAO keep staring at those screens suckers.

Anonymous said...

Writing for "HERCAMPUS.COM"?

My, oh my! That's not very inclusive, nor politically correct, is it?

HERCAMPUS.COM purposely EXCLUDES half the population born with a "Y" chromosome, not to mention all the social justice pronoun-activists who implore society to cease the protocol in place for thousands of years to reference them as "they", "them", "zim", WHATEVER!

Ready for the reveal on this Amira Alani?

In her own words: "Now this is the real advice here...maybe you can still catch the eye of your classroom crush."

"..she will gladly talk your ear off about Grey's Anatomy, stronger background checks for gun purchases and why immigrants are some of the most important members of our society."

While I applaud her plans to pursue a career in Nursing versus Equity-Inclusion Administration, Lesbian Coffee Grinding, or Minority/Immigrant Permanent Victim Block Grant Writing, Ms. Alani would be better served in the long run if she ditches the attractive subservient female role and aims for the very top positions in healthcare. UMKC has schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc., and she should aim for the top.

Anonymous said...

And yet no one asked for your opinion. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^TL/DR. Less is more. We don't have time for this. Nobody does. Do better!

Anonymous said...

^^^TL/DR. weird

Byron Funkhouser said...

9:31 is one of those perpetually aggrieved, muddle class white men that are always bitching.

Anonymous said...

10:29 is one of those perpetually aggrieved, muddle class white men that are always bitching.

Perfect description of yourself there retard! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Should be So all the Trannies sleep well and are not offended. Maybe have 65 different . com names to cover all the new gender combinations, besides the man and woman ones.

Anonymous said...

Remember when only smart people went to college ?

Anonymous said...

Good thing we have Trump University to fall back on.

No scams there.

Anonymous said...

If you're insisting on a physical experience during this pandemic, Falwell's Liberty University still pushes on-campus learning.