Thursday, April 16, 2020

Conservative Jack Cashill Argues Against Coronavirus Political Correctness Amid New Book About Prez Obama Coming Soon

In a scathing post targeting MU Asian faculty, Mr. Cashill questions claims of discrimination amid lockdown orders.

"In that no one has been on campus in the last month, and that the Asian faculty members have been housebound, it is hard to divine exactly which members of the MU community did the discriminating and how they managed to pull it off. One suspects that these discriminatory acts are as apocryphal as those that famously agitated the MU snow globe in 2015."

That's an interesting theory but denies the rise of digital surge in Sinophobic sentiment . . .

CNN: With the spread of coronavirus came a surge in anti-Asian racism online, new research says

And speaking of interesting theories . . . Here's a look at Mr. Cashill's new book that reaches around with some surprising implications and offers an alternative view . . .

Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency


"During the Obama years, an asymmetrical media war was waged to control the critical first draft of American history. There is no fair way to record that history without first acknowledging the war. The field of battle shaped up as follows: on the right, the alternative conservative media and the “responsible” right, occasionally working together, often working at odds; on the left, the mainstream media, the social media giants, Hollywood, Broadway, the federal bureaucracies, the national security apparatus, and what Ray Bradbury would call “firemen”—the virtual book burners, amateur and professional. Rarely at odds, these forces routinely worked together to amplify what Obama adviser Ben Rhodes famously called the White House’s “messaging campaign.” Money, resources, and power overwhelmingly favored the left, but the right had the equalizer on its side—the truth."

You decide . . .


Byron Funkhouser said...

He's just another conspiracy theory whack job.

Obama inherited another Republican Mess & then was vilified for not cleaning it up to the right's satisfaction.

The "Obama Recovery" was the meme, as if they didn't understand what the word "recovery" meant.

Obama was a good President, & he's a good man.

Der Fuhrer is neither.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Byron. It seems of late after every Republican president a Democrat is stuck sweeping up the deep elephant doo doo. Obama cleaned up after W., and now Biden's going to have to clean up after the Great Pumpkin.

Anonymous said...

Fantasyland is awesome. Like mopping up after JFK ? how about Carter ? When you only base your political stance on illegals, illegal drugs , butt sex and free cheese. Well, you dwell in fantasyland of the left.

Anonymous said...

Did you fail to notice his selling out to China ? you did notice that ? Nope, Byron is the ultimate boy in the bubble.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear at 1:47. If you believe all the liberal media outlets one sided speeches. You could believe that only one side did wrong and the other was our savior. Until you pull your head out of the sand for a taste of the real world. I also noticed that Chris Cuomo had 8 news features about his terrible covid-19 experiences. Same dipshit they are not attacking for going to see his mother unprotected. One story says a gallant family man. Factually he jeopardized the life of his own mother. Which Story did you read ? Which story was present in all 8 of those features today ? Not a peep about his stupidity. Just a hero. Left style . poor victims, you are.

Anonymous said...

Obama was poll reader that only did what he thought would make everyone happy. A good car salesmen, lousy leader. The lying rat got rich and both beach front property even though he pushed the phoney sea level going up crap. Two faced and gay.

anonymous said...

Not Byron, but nope, noticed the Nixon, Reagan and Bush One sellouts to China, but didn't see that happening under him.

I did notice the 240+% increase in the Dow Jones Industrial Average during the eight years he was in office, which averaged out to over 30% a year, something NO REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT has ever been able to accomplish.

The best a Republican has ever been able to manage was the 16% growth (just over half of Obama's) that Trump coasted along on for his first two years, but that's shot to hell now.

Sorry thqt facts contradict Right Wing Mythology, but that's reality for you.

anonymous said...

Hoover = Depression
Eisenhower = 3 Recessions
Nixon = Recession and Runaway Inflation
Ford = ditto to Nixon, nothing done
Reagan = a Depr...Recession that made 1929 look small
Bush One = Recession, High Inflation
Bush Two = Big-time Recession, almost beat Reagan
Trump = two good years, coasting on the Obama Recovery, then SPLAT!

Who's in Fantasyland?
Republicans wreck it, Democrats repair it,
History proves it!

Anonymous said...

Obama was a terrible president, and I voted for him. I thought he would do more than Bush about the economy and jobs, but he was just as bad. Sending millions of dollars to Iran's radical leadership and working on transgender bathrooms while letting other things slip mark his presidency. His quote about the impossibility of bringing manufacturing jobs back to America will live in infamy.

Anonymous said...

Bryon, You're a retard. Obama Hussein wasn't even a US citizen.

Anonymous said...

Obama engineered the slowest recession recovery EVER. He predicted how slowly the economy would recover without the "stimulus." So he got the stimulus passed. And the economy recovered more slowly than he predicted it would without it.

anonymous said...

Bullfeathers, @ 4:46!
Six years to recover from the second largest Economic Collapse in American History wasn't too bad!

It even carried forward enough to give Trump the two best years of his term, until this third year when all his inadequacies and incompetence finally caught up with him.

It took ten whole years to recover from Reagan's mess, then Bush One managed to turn that recovery around into a mild Recession.!

anonymous said...

"Live in infamy"?

You mean along with "I'll build a Wall, and Mexico will pay for it"?

Along with "If you're a Celebrity, you can grab them by the..."?

And the not to be forgotten...
"I believe in universal health care. I believe in whatever it takes to make people well and better.
It's an entitlement to this country if we're going to have a great country."
(Donald J. Trump, Reform Party Candidate for US President, 2000)?

Anonymous said...

No BLieRon, Obama was anti-America, just like his wife Moochelle. He tried to destroy this country, starting with his disgusting apology tour. Only an idiot like you would think otherwise.

Retro ROCKER said...

Byron do your research before you make comments. And many of Tonyskansascity readers are well informed .so I don't have to get long winded AND USE CAPS.