Wednesday, April 08, 2020


It might not count as "momentum" but the accessibility is important . . . Here's a better European idea: Paris trials new eco-friendly urinals to 'civilize street peeing’

Sadly, the cowtown solution is gross and probably more germy-:

With coffee shops and libraries closed, Kansas City eyes port-a-potties for homeless

As the novel coronavirus spreads through the Kansas City area, officials are taking steps to protect the area's most vulnerable residents: the homeless. Last week, the City Council approved a contract to provide hotel rooms to homeless residents in need of a place to quarantine.


Anonymous said...

In SF they are putting the homeless into luxury hotels.

Anonymous said...

^^That's the Pelosi way

Anonymous said...

Save the (taxpayer) money - none of these dudes have any qualms with droppin a deuce on the ground, and the plaza/westport/downtown all smell like piss anyway.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence has them. Just for look all the used depends near them. Think I am kidding, I am not. Lawrence is the most trashy town . Environmental activists you know. Just Can't practice their own causes .

Anonymous said...

Most of the homeless appear to be men of working age that have chosen a lifestyle of camping out and not working using social services.

Need to bring back WPA program, build Army barracks to house them, and make them work on a WPA farm raising vegetable and livestock to be self-sufficient.

Mandatory reading, writing, and math classes plus vocational and personal hygiene classes so they can function in society. At least they would have three hots and a cot.

Current policy of giving them handouts hasn't worked for decades. They need to learn how to work for themselves and be self sufficient.

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer.

Kansas Scout said...

They do this in downtown Denver. What you get is some creep who stands in front of the door blocking the way. I personally witnessed this several times. Other mentally ill drug addled idiots lay about the area making it tough for the nearby businesses.

Anonymous said...

9:39 - No solutions; typical Democrat - throw money at the problem and let violent, crazy people harm working people.

LBJ's "Great Society" is a massive welfare failure.