Monday, April 20, 2020

Coal Kaput As Mighty Wind Blows In Kansas

Even Fox Biz tells us that coal demand has tanked amid competition from cheap natural gas and expanded renewable energy sources . . . Here' a peek at the Heartland energy future given that there's no shortage of hot air around here . . . Read more:

Wind is now the largest power source in Iowa and Kansas - Electrek

In today's Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): Wind is now the largest source of electricity in the Midwestern states of Iowa and Kansas. Austria shuts down its last coal power plant. Air pollution dropped radically in March in cities under coronavirus lockdown.


Mo Rage said...

Fantastic. Great news. Progress. Good news for Kansas, Missouri, the nation and world.

Anonymous said...

Now for that fucking idiot Trump to figure out how to blame Obama.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but what about windmill cancer?

anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that "Wind" has been powering Washington, D.C. for decades!

Anonymous said...

And everyone drank Koolaid,not aware of actual energy use s media scams.You will..$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Hillary threatened to end coal.

Trump actually killed it.

That after he claimed he was bringing back big beautiful clean coal. Everything he touches dies.