Sunday, April 19, 2020

Catholic Church Helps Latinos In The Dotte Sign Up For Coronavirus Testing

Faith community news worth a look as the demographics of the pandemic become increasingly important as we slouch toward election 2020.


Wyandotte County focusing on getting more Hispanic residents tested for coronavirus

All Saints Catholic Church was closed for services on Sunday, but on Monday, its parking lot will become a COVID-19 testing site.Recent testing data leads Wyandotte County Health Department officials to suspect a lower proportion of Hispanic residents are getting tested for coronavirus, so they are working with community leaders to make testing available in their neighborhoods.To sign up for a test, Wyandotte County residents will be screened for certain symptoms by calling the health department at 913-709-2710 or 311.


Anonymous said...

The ONLY people that need to be tested are those admitted to the hospital, etc., so that the medical staff can treat them quickly and appropriately.

If you feel normal, or have mild symptoms only, being tested for the coronavirus doesn't accomplish anything. We're creating a nation of hypochondriacs and Obsessive Compulsives who wash their hands every 5 minutes and wipe everything down with disinfectant.

Are any of these people wearing face masks?
President Trump
VP Pence
Drs. Fauci and Birx
Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Senator Chuck Schumer
CA Governor Newsom
NY Governor Cuomo
KS Governor Kelly
MO Governor Parson
KC Mayor Lucas
NO, to all of them. Aren't they worried about catching the virus? Many of them are seniors and thus more vulnerable. What do they know that they're not sharing with the public?

Unknown said...

There is no testing in my "white" neighborhood.