Sunday, April 26, 2020

Building Kansas City Faith Communities

A glimpse at "Contemplative Spirituality" and more hokey talk from this town's top faith writer tonight . . . Take a look:

Spiritual Seeker Builds Community, One Event at a Time

To hear Mike Matteuzzi tell it, he's probably the wrong person to have created "Contemporary Spirituality," a popular series that features speakers who encourage people to learn contemplative practices. "I have neither a degree in theology nor a background in ministry," he said.


Anonymous said...

Who made Tammeus the "top" faith writer? Haven't you figured out he is pushing an anti Christian agenda...and anti Israel as well...under the guise that he is simply "exploring doubt"?

Anonymous said...

^^Or get this...we don't care and have other more important things to worry about. How about that CHUD?