When Will Kansas City Stop Hoarding?!?!?

The newspaper attempts to calm readers with quotes from food leaders . . . Meanwhile, visions of empty store shelves continue to scare locals who never knew they always wanted an industrial sized tub of clam chowder.


Food industry officials: We won't run out. Be responsible and stop hoarding

It's like a scene from a bad movie. Long after darkness falls, you venture out on an almost deserted highway in desperate search of supplies. Your heart starts racing as you pull into an almost-empty parking lot, excited that the competition appears to be light.


  1. Kansas City will stop hoarding when the rest of the Country stops hoarding.

    That will happen after the leadership of this Country, of both Parties, begin to lead, and stop acting like a cluster of frightened and sullen six-year-olds!

  2. I bought more than usual, not to hoard. I assume the stores will re-stock, but to reduce the number of times I have to expose myself to the virus. With chronic breathing problems and in my eighties, I want to hunker down as much as possible.

  3. NO kidding people keep stockpiling while some of us havent gotten ONE

  4. If you need toilet paper, do what Josh Hawley does, go steal it from the QT Restrooms! Save money, then donate to his Campaign Fund.

  5. The koloreds gotta keep spending that welfare money or they get their monthly amounts lowered

  6. Ok Mr.short dick.


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