Tragic Kansas 'Tiller Killer' Legacy Abortion And Free Speech Fight Concludes

The BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC readers share this #TBT note offering a glimpse at the costly debate wherein everybody loses . . . Read more:

She Won't Settle: How One Abortion Provider Secured a Legal Victory

On Feb. 15, 2013, abortion opponent Mark Holick turned up at the Wichita, Kan., house of Julie Burkhart, CEO of Trust Women, with a sign that read "Where's your church?"-a dog whistle referencing the murder of Burkhart's mentor, Dr. George Tiller, inside his church.


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  2. ^^^ That's almost an original thought. You're getting there little buddy, keep trying!

  3. She’s only interested in keeping those paychecks coming because that’s all this has evar been about, easy gubmint money.... and lots of it.

  4. Abortion is alot like gay sex and sausage making ... you know it happens but can't bear to think about how disgusting it is.


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