City Hall changes its otherwise confident tone as no tests are available and numbers in the U.S. continue to rise . . . Highlight and a glimpse at the blame shift:

Rex Archer, head of the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department, said he wanted to make something clear: The city, so far, hadn’t received any of the kits it had requested to test for the new coronavirus.

Kansas City Health Department Addresses Confusion Over Its Number Of Coronavirus Test Kits

During a week of growing fears about the spread of the coronavirus, Kansas City health officials struggled to communicate clearly about the nature of the city's ability to test residents.


  1. It's the Feds and CDC that are supposed to deliver the kits and testing criteria guidance. It's not shifting blame. Trump's administration is to blame for the supply problem, full stop.

    To make matters worse, Trump just said everyone now has a test kit and everyone that wants a test can get a test. Surprise. Another big fat dangerous lie.


  3. ^^^ Toughen up snowflake. This whole blog is fear and insults. Put your big boy pants on or go home and bite the pillow.

  4. This is flyover country! Ain’t nobody coming here and spreading coronavirus! Hahahahaha!

  5. First case confirmed in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Odd the CDC cannot update the web site and note correct information. Kansas City MO isn't prepared. Quinton Lucas is too busy playing politics to focus on the health and welfare of the community.

  6. ^^^ That’s funny right there!

  7. Sure, yuck it up.

    It will be even funnier when 9:04 loses a family member or friend.

  8. 12:09 is looking to get deleted for a second time.

    Don't COMMENT when drunk.

  9. When every single city, town, burg and wide spot in the road wants 100 Coronavirus test kits stat, there's going to be a shortage. The only way to satisfy demand would have been to start producing test kits before there was a Coronavirus outbreak. The if it bleeds it leads media have put people in such a panic that anyone with the sniffles is going to demand to be tested. Test kit supplies should be directed first to places where there there are known to be multiple people infected. Cities which do not have a problem currently will just have to wait their turn.

  10. South Korea is testing over 10,000 a day.

    If there is only 100 test kits, it means the administration has ignored this since December.

    We don't need test kits produced "before" the outbreak. Just toward the beginning of it. If they started ordering and production if tests, as other countries did in January, we wouldn't have a shortage now. All hospitals, clinics and doctors offices would have them ready to go now. No need to ration them.

    South Korea is doing drive-though tests for Pete's sake. There is no defense for the US to be unprepared. Utter incompetence from the top.

  11. The problem is in the national regulatory state more familiarly known as The Swamp. The CDC botched its first efforts to come up with a workable test. FTC rules prevented other labs from developing test protocols and kits. I understand the FTC suspended this rule on February 29 so we should begin seeing results soon.

  12. Sorry, that's FDA not FTC.

  13. Stop lying about my record.

    Once again, Trump supporters are making up stuff to excuse Trump's incompetence.

    Obama supported new FDA rules for hospitals designing in house kits. It didn't apply to the CDC at all. (BTW, regulations are to ensure quality and accuracy, and are not "swamp" corruption).


    "The Obama administration did attempt to impose a risk-based system of regulation on laboratory developed tests, or LDTs, and introduced draft guidance in 2014. But that guidance was never finalized, and was withdrawn after Trump won the election in 2016. It never went into effect, so it’s not an issue to walk back.”

    What is clear is all that Trump supporters will continue to lie about the past to protect their president and none of their claims are credible. They are posting fake news.

    Trump's team has been in charge for over 3 years. If his CDC botches a response, that is Trump's responsibility. He has gutted the organization, impacting their ability to perform (he was proud of getting rid of doctors just standing around doing nothing). Trump owns this. The buck stops here.

  14. "He has gutted the organization...." Nope, CDC funding now is greater than when Obama left office.

    You're looking at the wrong thing. The FDA's change in policy was only announced on February 29. Non-CDC labs were restricted prior to that date. See:

    Yes it's the swamp. The regulatory stranglehold that makes it impossible to build and develop also has made it harder to test for coronavirus.

  15. ^^^ That's NOT a change. Emergency override issued on 2/29 for oversight approvals has always been in place. I cited the exact thing Trump was using as an excuse. There simply was no 2/29 FDA change in the rules.

    So the next question for you is IF that was a real roadblock, why did they wait until Feb 29th to remove it? These provisions should have been evoked back in early January, when every other country was ramping up responses. Again, incompetence.

    Trump dismantled the global pandemic team, the organization that could have addressed this in China in December if it was operating.

    Trump also did propose drastic cuts across the board to CDC. Thank Congressional Democrats for current funding and blocking the worst possible scenario.

    Four years after the United States pledged to help the world fight infectious-disease epidemics such as Ebola, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is dramatically downsizing its epidemic prevention activities in 39 out of 49 countries because money is running out, U.S. government officials said.

    The CDC programs, part of a global health security initiative, train front-line workers in outbreak detection and work to strengthen laboratory and emergency response systems in countries where disease risks are greatest. The goal is to stop future outbreaks at their source.

    Most of the funding comes from a one-time, five-year emergency package that Congress approved to respond to the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa. About $600 million was awarded to the CDC to help countries prevent infectious-disease threats from becoming epidemics. That money is slated to run out by September 2019. Despite statements from President Trump and senior administration officials affirming the importance of controlling outbreaks, officials and global infectious-disease experts are not anticipating that the administration will budget additional resources.

  16. I love how 5:20's own link destroys his comments.

    FDA quote: "We are not changing our standards for issuing Emergency Use Authorizations."

    It goes on to detail multiple additional dangerous mistakes the Trump administration has made so far.

    Just stop with the lies defending blatant incompetence.


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