Tuesday, March 17, 2020


We talked about the Coronavirus pandemic impact on local tourism last week and now it's news fact . . .

Here's the latest on a $367 million project that Kansas City taxpayers were forced to subsidize despite the objections of tax fighters.

Uncertainty surrounds Loews' KC hotel opening as coronavirus restrictions grow


"Representatives for Loews did not respond to requests for comments and would not say whether it still planned to open its doors on April 2, the day Lucas' state of emergency declaration is set to expire.

"The mayor's office told the Business Journal on Tuesday that it will re-evaluate whether to extend the order past the original 21 days as the city approaches the end of the initial order, but it is too soon to predict if it will need to be extended."

Like it or not, "uncertainty" is the last thing that local officials want to impact the HUGE TAXPAYER INVESTMENT that's already losing money.

"The project has incurred $7 million in cost overruns. Those figures were disclosed at a meeting of the Tax Increment Financing Commission of Kansas City. Officials claim, the increased costs are the responsibility of the hotel developers, not taxpayers."

Moreover . . .

Let's not forget that this project has already confronted multiple delays as voting rights advocates opposed tourism expenditure without a public vote.

More info for subscribers at the KC Biz Journal.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Alameda plaza hotel. It was also doomed before it ever opened and ended up being a big disaster.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Good memory.

Anonymous said...

The project was funded badly and planned even worse. How will you train quarantined employees?

Anonymous said...

That is where the new hospital rooms are going to be.

Anonymous said...

The problem won't be providing hospital "rooms".

It will be finding doctors, nurses, ventilators, ekg monitoring equipment and 100 other things that are required to provide care for the hundreds of thousands who will be needing hospital care.

We haven't seen a shitstorm like this coming in this country since, well, maybe ever.

Rjr said...

bad project courtesy of the last administration. THANKS SLY!

Anonymous said...

Don’t you worry one bit people, I’m sure there’s a plan to give them millions every year just like the p&l. We’ll all pull together and give all the pothole money to them because that’s what sLIE would do so you know smiley selfies Lucas will do the same.

Anonymous said...

An empty hotel during a pandemic isn't an indication of anything.

Hey, I bought a great new car. Then I got cancer and lost my job. What was I thinking - buying a car when I was healthy and had a job? I guess I should have planned on an unexpected illness and lived my life in complete fear, not buying anything.

Dumb linkage.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Except a project worth a quarter of a billion dollars has to plan better than household finances. Or at least it should. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Burke's hotel has already cost KCMO taxpayers millions, and that doesn't even count the property giveaways and other under-the-table crap upfront.
Like another comment said, this fiasco will be a drain on the general fund for decades.
And Burke and the other "transactional" players already have their money.
Thanks for playing.
Now let's talk about a downtown baseball stadium and expanding Bartle Hall!
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

Instead we should have given that money to welfare people to buy NEW Escalades and Hemi Chargers, like we already do and no one seems to bitch about. Weird. Need to find a welfare fuck on a weekend and can't reach them on their new I phone. Look no further than the nail saloons and eye brow centers. Weird 2

Anonymous said...

Say, 9:19s:

You’re so full of s***.

I worked there for years and the Alameda Plaza was hugely successful under the Pistillis.

Do some research next time.