Wednesday, March 11, 2020


We talked about this one back when the story was reported much more interestingly AND WITHOUT A PAYWALL by KMBC.

Here's the newspaper attempting to sell some photography and prose in much the same way that broke-ass tenants don't realize they were played like political pawns. Take a peek at the link tease:

Tenants group questions why funds for Office of Tenant Advocate left out of KC budget

After Kansas City passed a tenants bill of rights in December, Mason Andrew Kilpatrick of KC Tenants, asks why Mayor Quinton Lucas' 2020 budget does not include funds for the Office of Tenant Advocate.


  1. Quinton Lucas lies. Nothing new under the sun. Sly James didn't want him elected for just that reasons. KC Tenants desire to be the next in line to tap into the KC MO till, but the organization was lied to by Quinton Lucas.

  2. The money was left out of the budget for the same reasons that street maintenance is ignored, potholes aren't filled, "developer" subsidies continue, and the murder rate increases.
    Smiley selfies Lucas is all about press conferences, selfies, photo ops,and "celebrity" appearances on local TV.
    Serious governance?
    Not a chance.
    Actual results for residents and taxpayers?
    You haven't been paying attention!
    When's the next municipal election?

  3. Mayor Q likes the spotlight. I don't think he really enjoys the day to day grind of management that comes with being mayor though. I don't see a lot of substance behind the eloquent elocution gleaming smile.

  4. ^^Great. Go find something to do.

  5. Didn't they say no money would be allocated unless they raised like a million dollars or something?

  6. What a dog & pony show! Is it a little clear that liberals are liars?

  7. ^^No, it's not. It's 60 degrees outside. Go do something!

  8. These fools knew all along there was no budget for this but stupid as they are they kept pushing ahead and will get what they honestly deserve. A whole lot of nothing unless they get a job and work for their money.

  9. Will the recession affect Kansas City, Like is will on the East and West Coast .The City and State are Lucky to be located in the Hartland. Tourist will visit Missouri before the coast.You have the Lake area branson many Road trips day trips You can drive from six plus states. Low gas prices.

  10. They wanted millions of dollars so their buddies could get five-figure salary jobs. They’re just angry that the cash drawer at City Hall isn’t open for them.



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