The President leads a nation in the midst of pandemic crisis and we collect news and view regarding the Sunday call to prayer from the Commander-In-Chief.

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Trump calls for National Day of Prayer, to monitor online service

President Trump Donald John Trump Former Pennsylvania governor: Biden nomination will be 'virtually clinched' after next Tuesday How coronavirus is changing Sunday's debate The Memo: Coronavirus scrambles the art of campaigning MORE has declared Sunday a "National Day of Prayer" amid the worldwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus and said he will monitor a church service online.

Progressive Counterpoint

Prayer Will Not Stop Coronavirus

When President Trump, Vice President Pence, and public health officials held a Saturday press conference on their plans to address the coronavirus, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson was a surprising addition to the line-up. Yes, Carson is a medical doctor. But his specialty was neurosurgery, not epidemiology.

White House Invocation

Trump attempts to calm country at WH coronavirus briefing, saying 'no need to hoard' supplies

President Trump told Americans on Sunday that "there's no need to hoard" supplies, amid concerns of potential food or supply shortages as more states and cities announced restrictions to contain the coronavirus. The president said during a White House briefing after speaking with heads of food suppliers: "You don't have to buy so much, take it easy, just relax."

Livestream Liturgy Afermath

Trump watched church service livestream on National Day of Prayer

President Trump on Sunday said he watched a livestream of a Georgia pastor's church service after houses of worship across the country opted to go online to protect parishioners as the coronavirus continues to spread. "I am watching a great and beautiful service by Pastor Jentezen Franklin. Thank you!

Kansas City Faith Community Celebrates Sunday By Way Of Good Deeds And Assistance

Kansas City church donates thousands worth of groceries to community members

Members of the City of Truth church spent Sunday afternoon handing out $50 gift cards to customers at Wild Woody's Happy Foods on 31st Street. And much like the spread of COVID-19, handing out the cards happened quickly and covertly.

Sunday Tweets Show No Sign Of Peace With Political Opponents

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm - The Sunday Edition

Today is a National Day of Prayer, as the country's citizens wake up to a stark new world that is potentially getting worse before it gets better. Calls for increased quarantines are mounting, as is the pressure on the federal government to adopt a wartime footing in the battle against the coronavirus.

Powerful Presidential Request

Lauren Green: This is the power of a National Day of Prayer

President Donald Trump has declared this day, this 15th day of March, 2020 AD, (Anno Domini - the Year of our Lord), to be a National Day of Prayer, in order to bring the country soulfully together in a battle against an evil enemy called the coronavirus.

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  1. if standing in line at the super market works, then maybe we did.

    1. ^^^^ NOPE.

      A lot of us went to church, fatty.

    2. Most Americans are good and faithful people who are also generous and kind. For the most part. Living by principals of faith is the only real solution to these hard times. God Bless.

  2. I honored it by praying that we get a new president very soon.

  3. Yep. Trump in charge during a crisis. God help us.


  4. we watched Mass on TV today


  5. Crazy Bernie and Senile Joe will be arguing about who is more pro-Baby Killing

  6. Lulz?

    Isn't there supposed to be a seperation between church & State?

  7. Only the commies get upset about religion, everybody else is cool with it.

  8. ^^^^ Wrong.

    We need leadership and better public health policy. Real conservatives know this is just a distraction. Too bad you're a dupe for the administration.

  9. No, we no longer listen to anything this President has to say. He is a lam duck.

  10. Biden is the most republican of democrat nominees. Either way, republicans win in 2020.

  11. Democrat Party's solution for working class Americans.......raise their propeety taxes 25% so they have less money to buy food and pay their utilities.

  12. Democrat Party raised your water bills in KCMO by 100% in the last 10 years.

  13. After a "national day in Prayer" back in 1919, during the height of the killer flu, the flu suddenly stopped and went away. Its a fact. Google it.

  14. Donald J Trump3/15/20, 8:41 PM


  15. Pray for Kansas City.

  16. On this National Day Of Prayer, the President followed his usual Sunday religious practice, by "monitoring" a Church Service on-line, using his phone in the Golf Cart while riding between greens at Mar-A-Lago.

  17. .......7:43....."Cool with it?"......
    I'm no "Commie"......I'm not cool with it!
    run that through your N95, and lick a railing or two.......

  18. One wonders if the Deity exists -- given that those who call themselves Christians directed by Jesus to heal the sick refuse to expand Medicaid, lest the sick who are poor also be healed...

    … and are nonetheless not struck from their pews by well-deserved divine lightning bolts!

    If there is a Just God, Sen. Susan Wangle had best avoid any open areas...


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