Saturday, March 14, 2020


Following the "State Of Emergency" declaration most major Kansas City March events suffer cancellation or postponement; ERGO there are fewer people out on the town this weekend.

Of course the shut down is hitting the little guy worst of all.

One example out of many:

Small businesses try to make the best of an uncertain economy amid coronavirus spread

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The weekend before St. Patrick's Day is usually huge for small businesses in the Metro. However, with parades and parties canceled due to the coronavirus, mom and pop shops are trying to make the best of it.

Sadly . . .

It turns out that in a time of crisis, an economy built on low-wage workers, tourist spending and taxpayer subsidized attractions can easily fall victim to more serious concerns about a worsening pandemic. Put simply, as a poet of the late 20th century once wrote: Parties weren't meant to last.

And so, whilst there is hope and debate that Kansas City social distancing, shut downs, cancellations and early shut downs might be able to prevent further loss of life . . . There is no question that our metro and all of the world have been granted a moment of pause to consider the implications of economies predicated on the inconsequential lust for instant gratification and good times.

And all of this inspires our playlist tonight on the topic of closing up shop . . .

As always, thanks for reading and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Stock in Netflix isn't doing so bad. I guess people try to survive in the best way they can.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Go ahead and call this one Spring break for your liver, champ.

Rome said...

There's one relevant item here that deserves more attention than the rest. Kansas City taxpayers were forced to subsidize the entertainment business and oftne didn't get a vote or a fair say in how the their money was allocated. The hotel that was never the subject of a vote is the best example of this.

KC is now paying for the horrible decisions of leaders like Mayor Sly James and Kay Barnes who spent frivolously instead of investing the infrastructure of our city.

Anonymous said...

^^^ what's a few hundred million between friends?

Bryan M. Stalder said...

Everyone is partying in NKC for Snake Saturday today. I get that Westport would be much busier if there were basketball tournaments, and I'm upset that we cancelled all of that, but I was in Westport Thursday and Friday nights and it was busy.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Your deluded

Anonymous said...

President Trump:
COVID-19 Coronavirus
U.S. cases: 1,329
U.S. deaths: 47
Panic level: Mass hysteria

President Obama:
H1N1 Virus
U.S. cases: 34 MILLION
U.S. deaths: 12,469
Panic level: Totally chill

Do you all see how the media can manipulate your life?

Anonymous said...

^^^ BOOM^^^

Anonymous said...

The millies you geezers bag on daily have not heeded the warning to socially isolate. They are out at the bars and restaurants en masse passing the virus exponentially. Eventually the virus makes its way to you. The unhealthy geezer set. How ironic. You know what that means...tick tock. Bye bye Boomers.

Anonymous said...

9:44 I havent heard alcohol was banned or unavailable like toilet paper is, who knew people can get fucked up at home....CHAMP Go back to the fire station and do your shift.... bitch!!

Glenn Tenderfoot, local yogi said...

This could be the true Black Swan event that changes life as we knew it from this moment forward.

Economies contracting. Global economic depression. Mass layoffs.

But I can rest calmly knowing that the American people will pull together in a feeling of espirit de corps and sense of "we're all in this together" and won't politicize and demonize "the other" based on 24/7 media manipulation as we navigate these choppy waters together.

KC Thesaurus said...

Espirit de corps: "A feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of a particular group." Honestly hope you're right Glenn. Honestly hope that KC comes together to help one another out. This is more important than a Chiefs or Royals game.

Anonymous said...


(brief update and reading suggestion)


Q: When did President Trump declare a national emergency?
A: Friday the 13th

Q: How many times in 2020 will we have a Friday the 13th?
A: Twice; the next one is November 13th.

Coronavirus global deaths (Top 3): China 3085, Italy 1441, Iran 611
Why is this an important clue? Think

Suggested reading (non U.S.-based journalist)

If you try to make this about Right/Left, Progressive/Conservative, Trump/Biden/Sanders, etc., you are a sheep, and you'll deserve what awaits you.

"Sheep get slaughtered, wolves get hunted, owls live another day."

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Had the USA taken the money they wasted on NASA, like the huge failed telescope mirror, the Mars probes that crashed into Mars, or the blown up shuttles that killed people - that money could have been used to find fast vaccine cures. NASA people are odd duck PHD's that are antisocial and onlyy care about their child like interest in stars and stuff we will be centuries from even getting to. We have not even been back to the Moon. But they get big bucks! We knew something like the 1918 flu would come back. Many movies have been made by dumb producers with no medical degrees - about epidemics - starting in the 1960's. They knew it was coming. But the government did nothing. LET NASA EAT CAKE! AKA : Let People die of coronavirus.

Anonymous said...

1:20 just think how many $800 hammers this country has bought funding politicians pocket book, that’s the biggest problem. Using Nancy loose dentures paloosie as a prime example, she’s been a politician forty years, half her life, she came into office and had next to nothing for income, now she’s the wealthiest senator on the planet, how did that happen? Air Claire is worth $60 million, how did that happen? This is the real problem. The cleave claims to be the poorest member in congress but yet he has $7 million dollars in investments and don’t forget he still hasn’t paid back his Bank of America loan either (he’s also on the finance committee) it goes on and on, our taxes are funding these idiots personal lives, just ask biden and Bernie. Rumor is bernie just bought a fourth house and he’s been in politics for forty years as well.

This is the deep state.

Anonymous said...

1:20 is there a cure for the flu? The common cold? You ain’t getting a cure for the coronavirus. Suck it up dude.

Anonymous said...

120 you are kidding'd be the first to complain about all the money spent on the CDC when the next asteroid comes close.