Friday, March 06, 2020

TKC Bright Side: Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortage Could Save Kansas City Star

The parent company of the local newspaper is going thru bankruptcy drama but the current global heath crisis offers at least a temprorary solution to make newsprint more valuable as blocking the community by way of paywall doesn't really seem to be working. Checkit:

Newspaper prints blank pages as substitute for toilet paper amid shortage

An Australian newspaper printed an extra eight pages to be used as toilet paper after coronavirus fears prompted customers to bulk-buy supplies, leaving some supermarket shelves bare.In a bid to tackle the shortage, The NT News provided a practical - if unconventional - solution.Australians living in the Northern Territories would have noticed on Thursday that eight pages in the paper had been left bare, except for watermarks and a cut-out guide edition."Run out of loo paper?

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Anonymous said...


Q: Why did the Aussie carry a newspaper into the loo?

A: He was going to be wiping down the Outback!!!