Time For Kansas City Mortgage Fun & Games

The selling season is nearly upon us and that means sketchy real estate advice broadcast by local media from "experts" looking to sell all manner of risky options. As always, "buyer beware" is the cliché but practical advice . . .

With rates taking a dive, mortgage experts say now's the time to refinance your home

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Uncertainty in the stock market is scary and unsettling for many people, but some are benefiting from the dive. Mortgage companies are cleaning up with homeowners flocking to take advantage of the lower mortgage rates. Mortgage experts say if you want to refinance your home loan, don't wait.


  1. The Gail Beatty Virus is still active and no one in their right mind will buy here at this point.

  2. Avoid Lynn Devine aka Patricia lynn Devine mortgage broker at fairway independent mortgage in Kansas.

    This woman used fabricated documents and information of military veterans to transfer to fabricate loan applications that were forged alleged.

    Then allegedly set up loans selling them to bigger banks then money sent to accounts controlled by her.

    Lynn Devine former employer first national bank and trust in junction city kansas aka exchange bank.

    Allegedly Lynn Devine worked in tandem with realtor and title company to pull of multi state mortgage fraud receiving money from scam loans.

    Title agent fabricated disbursement summary sheets and receipts then fabricated old files numbers from past closing to post on checks to conceal fraud for new loans.

    Allegedly making off with over 2 million dollars.

    Lynn Devine also set up loans for former boyfriend and used her loan processor to notarize questionable loans where her name appeared as the lender.

    Lots of folks alleged Lynn Devine would later show loan paid off atchen style.

    Lynn Devine used rejected realestate contracts from properties that borrowers put offers on but didn't buy down to the hoa dues and property taxes that pertained to rejected realestate contracts allegedly.

    Then these loan application in bulk appeared at different banks and title company..with forged signatures even dated by title agent.

    Lynn Devine fast tracked loans weeks before the veterans actually went to close loan selling it and setting up homeowners insurance weeks ahead of the closing.

    Basically using veterans cash closing cost to use to pay the difference of what she did not fund on va loans.

    Lying to government stating veteran put money down on no money va loans including rolling closing cost into va loans...

    Switching interest rates that mortgage calculators show thousands of dollars more than what interest should be.

    Then fabricated government va documents and appraisals to make it appear as a new loan submitted dozens of times on the same property allegedly.

    Stay the hell away from Lynn Devine fairway independent mortgage loan broker.


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