The Paseo Returns As Kansas City Preps To Fight Another Year Over MLK Tribute

Appropriate dedication and at least an honorary street shouldn't be this hard. Meanwhile the efforts to restore MLK park quickly moved out of the spotlight but will hopefully start again this Spring. Read more:

The Paseo street signs back in place starting this weekend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Work is underway to restore The Paseo street signs after they were temporarily replaced by signs reading "Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard." In November, a vote reversed a city council action to change the name of the historic street after an emotional battle over street's title.


  1. To get the people that need it they should put their efforts towards naming a line of 9mm hollow point ammo after MLK.
    MLK 9mm P+ for example.

  2. How much wasted money has this debacle cost taxpayers? Between the cost of the vote, then the new signs, then removing and replacing, it's a colossal waste of money I also wonder how much the City paid the MLK foundation in royalties for the brief time they used his name on street signs?

  3. The City Has Bigger Problems then changing street names. Democrats run the City .If Republicans ran the City. It would Smooth. And I am not a Republican. Or a Dem.A Republican would focus on Bringing in new Businesses, Road work, and Crime. You round up the Gangs the drug dealers and people on drugs ,and Crime goes down 50 percent .The other 50 percent are people with anger and mental problem's .The World is in a Depression. Kansas City Economic will be Good, IF people feel comfortable doing Business in the Metro. And Tourists feel comfortable visiting

    1. ^^^^ Retro absolutely +100!!!

      At least SOMEBODY is talking solutions.

  4. Ja, Retro!
    Seig Heil!
    Seig Heil!
    And your ass would be among the first to be "rounded up"!
    How 'bout them apples?

  5. ^^ Ok Millie.

  6. ^^^Well that would be about a dime then. OK Boomer.

  7. ^^^^Move to Tulsa then.....

  8. Bought damn time. Those shitbrained Black preachers ought to be dealt with for wasting our precious resources like this, The people have spoken... get those signs back up and pronto, bitches!


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