Small World: Kansas City Freebie Transit Scheme Inspires Luxembourg?!?!

Axios notes KC in this bit of global journalism on the rise of #ZEROFARE public transit . . . Checkit:

Luxembourg is following dozens of cities in making public transit free

Luxembourg just became the first country in the world to make its entire public transit system free to all. As of today (March 1), all trams, trains, and buses will cost not a single euro to ride anywhere in the small nation, a steep discount compared to the 440 euros ($485) price tag for a monthly pass until now.


  1. OL Luxe doesn't have our urban population. Transplant a few hoodie rats/crackheads and see how Free those rides would be . Then watch only Rats ride the Rail. Didn't KC just have a killing by a stop ? Yes in deed. Free turns into crime every time.

  2. Couldn't you at least highlight the content of less biased articles. Transit is paid via transit tax in Luxembourg. You get what you pay for and the citizens of Luxembourg pay a lot and get a lot. Nothing is free and Luxembourg doesn't claim for it to be free; Luxembourg found a different way to pay for the service. The leadership in Kansas City need stop with the free lunch rhetoric. No such thing as a free lunch.


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