Thursday, March 26, 2020

Simpler Times: Mayor Q Attempted To Make Progress On Potholes Before Coroanvirus Hit

Throwback article that was likely written a couple of weeks ago offers kind coverage of the Mayor and his effort to fix local streets that might be stalled with less money in the budget . . . Read more:

We did a ride along with Mayor Quinton Lucas while he helped fill potholes | Kansas City Mag

Photography by Rebecca Norden and Caleb Condit Chances are you're familiar with the devastatingly expensive sound your car makes when you accidentally fly over a pothole. If you've been in Kansas City very long, you've probably become a pro at dodging the craters that plague our streets. Potholes aren't a new problem.


Anonymous said...


When the street crew showed Mayor Selfie how to use a shovel to sling asphalt, he said, "It's like when I party in Lawrence, you stick it in the hole!!!"

Anonymous said...

The repairs their doing are so bad the rain washes them out.