Show-Me Tulsi Gabbard Missouri Satire

We always enjoy a mention from the nation's parody newspaper of record . . . Here's their latest courtesy of our BEST & BRIGHTEST readers:

Tulsi Gabbard Named Democratic Nominee After Discovery Of Obscure Rule That Grants Nomination To Whoever Wins 0.7% Of The Vote In Missouri

WASHINGTON-Beating out her rivals with the help of a little-known technicality, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) was named the Democratic Party's nominee for president Wednesday after the discovery of an obscure rule that grants the nomination to whoever wins 0.7% of the vote in Missouri.


  1. TOP PHOTO -- T.G.I.F.


  2. Looking forward to the Star's editorial excoriating the DNC for excluding Tulsi from the debate stage. She qualified to participate in the debate under the DNC's own rules. And yet the DNC chose to stifle the only woman who is still in the race. Surely that editorial is coming...any day now...stay tuned....unless of course the DNC instructed the Star to shut up about it, which as a good little Democrat soldier, the Star will happily do.

  3. ^^Blah blah blah. Hey Maude...only the nearly departed still read the Star. We've all moved on. Adjust, or move on into the light yourself.

  4. ^^^Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll continue to do whatever I want whenever I want. Don't like it? Kiss my ass.

  5. ^^^Fine Boomer, but don't bore us with it. That's the point. Savvy that?

  6. I'd tag Tulsi. You know you would too.

  7. Poor Tulsi had an acne problem as a teen. One time, she fell asleep in the library. When she woke up, a blind man was trying to read her face!


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