Show-Me Residency Rules For Missouri First Responders Losing

Important background with an easier paywall to get past and probably inspiration for po-po and firefighters looking for houses in JoCo tonight. Checkit:

In bid to boost safety, repeal of cop residency rule advances in Missouri House

JEFFERSON CITY - Police officers throughout Missouri would no longer have to live within the cities they serve under a plan given preliminary approval by the Missouri House Wednesday. Supporters said scrapping the mandate could help fill scores of vacancies in St.


  1. An arcane rule that should be done away with. Many already live outside the city and the courts have ruled in favor of a city attorney who caught living over the line.

  2. Residency rules are ridiculous for any worker. Nobody knows how their life circumstances may change over a 30 plus year career.
    Have you ever heard anyone say "Thank God our cops have to live in the city. Can you imagine the chaos of they didn't?" No,most people probably don't even have a clue that the rule exists!!

  3. Hello Johnson County (KS)!

  4. It is misleading for folks to say that an officer must live in the city for a year BEFORE being hired. The Police Board can and always does waive that requirement for qualified applicants. Our officers are very well paid -- and we really have no problem with recruitment.

    Second, unlike St. Louis which is geographically small, KC is one of the largest cities in the US geographically. In an emergency, a non-resident officer could take an hour or more to respond. It is one thing to live in Raytown, quite another to live in Odessa or Richmond or St. Joe.

    Third, KC is the ONLY city does not govern its own police department. Effectively, the KCMOPD is an army of occupation imposed on the citizens of our city by the government of the State of Missouri. Residency guarantees that -- at least -- our police officers are our fellow Kansas City residents with the same stake in our City's future.

  5. So hmmm.....the officers have a stake cause they live in the city? What an offense to all the officers in KS and the rest of MO who can love where they want...are you to tell them they dont care as much?? And so I understand, the water employee and parks n rec employee care more cause they have to live here to. KCPD would rather hire the guy who could care less about his community cause he lives in KC than the guy who lives 1 block away in Gladstone who actually loves working as an officer and cars deeply about people. Do we want to give KC the best officers, or just what is left after all our archaic rules???


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