Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Show-Me Medicare For All In Missouri???

Both progressive and Conservative realize that NOTHING will the same after the Coronavirus pandemic and Americans will soon completely transform the healthcare system at the Federal level . . . Here's a preview:

As Coronavirus Stifles Ballot Initiatives, Missouri Medicaid Expansion Effort Presses On

Coronavirus concerns have made gathering signatures for ballot items basically impossible, especially with state and local governments placing restrictions on public gatherings. But a group seeking to put a Medicaid expansion proposal before Missouri voters say they started early enough to get the necessary signatures for the 2020 ballot.


Anonymous said...

As yes, the continuing struggle to advance Health Care in Missouri to the level that the Nation of Germany achieved in 1848!

Anonymous said...

Why are we using Medicare instead of Medicaid as the chicken in every pot social program? No one talks about Medicaid going bust. Seniors paid in to this program. They should get all of their money back that came out of their Social security. They paid their dues and taxes for years.

Anonymous said...

^^^Screw them. Welcome to the real world. Your President has instituted death panels for you and all your geezer buddies. Going back to work on Easter signs the Boomer death certificate. That’s what you chuds get for electing him.