Monday, March 02, 2020

Show-Me Kansas City Bad Landlord Crackdown From Missouri Senator Hawley

A welcomed bit of local attention from this rookie politico taking a break from yelling on Fox News . . . Here's a worthwhile and important bit of legislation and policy that helps the cause of local housing advocates and the agenda of Mayor Quinton Lucas:

Senator Hawley introduces Bad Landlord Act amid several complaints at troubled T.E.H Realty properties

ST. LOUIS (KMOV)-- U.S. Senator Josh Hawley has introduced a legislation Monday aimed to crack down on landlords who don't uphold basic living standards for their tenants. The legislation, named the Bad Landlord Database Act, comes after several complaints against T.E.H properties and Hawley touring one of the company's worst buildings alongside News 4.


Anonymous said...

KCtenants is looking very influential when Republicans jump on board. City Hall needs to fully fund enforcement of the new tenants rights law.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why it's a national issue, unless (as here) the bad landlord is an alien company doing business in the USA.

Anonymous said...

The slum owners get section 8 fed money. Instead of helping, Hawley just wants to document problems so he has an excuse to cut section 8 funding and send more $$$ to corporate welfare tax breaks but also great causes like even more atom bombs.