Show-Me Guv Parson COVID-19 Update: All Schools Shut Down & More Cases

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All public and charter schools in Missouri are closed, Gov. Parson says

Gov. Parson announces all public and charter schools in Missouri are closed until further notice. Parson and Missouri leaders are providing an update at a news conference Thursday afternoon. DEVELOPING...


  1. Enough of this effin' hysteria. This is absolute insanity destroying the largest economy the world has ever seen for a disease with a high mortality rate in the very elderly or compromised immune systems down to NIL in healthy below 30. Freaking China is back to work and their med system is not as advanced as ours. These idiots on the radio saying medical services are overloaded, no they are not. There has been one death of an old person with compromised immune system in MO and for that they've shut the freakin' State down? Practice health and safety the same way you do for the flu every effin' season. The flu kills parents, grandparents, and a HIGHER RATE of babies than covid does. YES ITS TRAGIC, millie fvck you to wish it on my family. Fvking driving kills at a 1-3% rate. Its fvking tragic too. "We" don't lose our collective fvking minds for flu and driving. Hells bells, right here in KCMO we don't lose our minds about 149 MORE murders than covid deaths. Geezus its truly the manifestation Kornbluth's prediction in 1951.


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