Show-Me Facebook Joker Captured

Trolling taken to an alarming level precipitated the arrest of this Missouri dude. Here's the midweek mugshot of the moment:

Man in Joker makeup accused of making terrorist threats

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOV/Meredith) -- A man wearing Joker makeup and dressed in a costume was arrested Monday night for allegedly making threats while inside a St. Louis business. Police said Jeremy Garnier, 51, of University City was charged with first degree terrorist threats.


  1. In St Louis he could be a serious candidate for some elected office.
    In KCMO too!
    Sign him up!

  2. Hey clown-town.... Look, it's Sly.... or is it the Funk. I can't tell.


  3. OMG! Quick someone tell Batman!

  4. Why do all Black dudes have batman or super man symbols on their fake Bentley 300's ? that has always been the real super hero mystery.

  5. ^^I don't know maude, did you ask them? Why not? Scared? Why are you boring us with this shit? Grow up!

  6. This guy is the new face of Meth users!! When you do Meth you do stupid shit, like this guy did.

  7. ^^^^ Becareful there 11:24! He looks more like a KCFD Fire Fighter with the helmet off, Transgender FF's are now accepted by the Democrates and their Fire Union is 100% Democrate. On a good note these heros might give you a BJ in the back of the KCFD brokedown ambulance while transporting your ass to the hospital - A word to the wise- if you have chest pains drive your own ass to the hospital or call a Uber...Your chance of survival will go way up if you do!! And here is the breakdown....10 minuet hold on 911 in KC before Fire even gets dispatched, once dispatched the fire dept only cares about fire calls because thats what they signed up for, once the unprofessionals get on are already DEAD!


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