Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Show-Me Confidence From Missouri Public Health Officials Amid Coronavirus Threat

The Jeff City conversation doesn't seem very worried about cable TV news content . . . Here's their hot take on the topic. Checkit:

Missouri health officials say the state is prepared for Coronavirus

Doctors say COVID-19, or the coronavirus, is very much like the flu or the common cold. "You get it from coughing, sneezing, runny nose, all the usual things, close contact with somebody who's had it," said Dr. Steven Witt of the University of Missouri Health System.


Anonymous said...

No private or public sector entity in Missouri is "ready" for the pandemic in the works. The health officials are "responsible" but unfunded.

Anonymous said...

Its really estimated that 70 to 85% of the USA population will get this virus. Most are just going to have cold symptoms. But the 1% that dies will include 1% of your beloved sports stars, singers, actors, 1% of all millionaires, mayors, criminals, drug dealers, 1% of all bar owners and 1% of all city officials. "Dont worry about a 1% death rate". REALLY????

Anonymous said...

GOP appointed officials doing the typical CYA. They aren't prepared. They don't have test kits distributed and have inadequate tracking capabilities.

That's not directly their fault, but they should be raising hell about the problem. They aren't since the entire GOP is in cult mode. Trump's underfunded CDC should have been working this since early January, but he thinks it's just another hoax to make him look bad and the response is still dysfunctional.

They need to change guidance on testing. Anyone with flu symptoms needs to be tested now.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I really just don't trust the government on this corona thing, be in federal, state or local; somehow every one keeps saying its not bad and it just doesn't add up

Anonymous said...

Trump's misleading us? Say it ain't so! He's such a straight shooter.

Anonymous said...

Missouri cant even stop drunk drivers. They refused to lower the BAC limit, even though it cost them millions in federal highway funds. Missouri hasnt done anything but talk about corona. They will not be there to help you. Missouri is a backwards state. If you get Coronavirus and are in bad shape - GO TO KANSAS for better care. You stand a better chance of living if you go to a Kansas medical provider. Missouri cant even stop a few flood, or drugs, or shootings.

Anonymous said...

1 % ? Outlaw bikers are goners.

Anonymous said...

Prepared? Did they answer any relevant questions?

How many doctor's offices and urgent care clinics have test kits? None? How many hospitals can currently test?

Who is getting tested now? Why isn't everyone with flu symptoms tested? What's the estimate of the number of undiagnosed cases?

Since we can't test locally, where do they have to send samples and how long do the results take?

Prepared? Telling us so doesn't make it so.