Kansas City Star Haters Show-Me Alt-Right Defense Of Disgraced Creeper Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

I'm absolutely convinced that some of you d-bags are getting paid to send me this garbage but I'll bite if only to siphon a bit of traffic from an otherwise worthless story . . .I'm also curious to see an defense of this hypocrite who didn't just shame himself but managed to drag his entire family through the mud.

Here's the premise . . .

Gateway Pundit: Kansas City Star Editorial Board Stoops Below Fake News to Outright Defamation On Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens

Of course we love ranting about the newspaper but GREITENS REMAINS A SCUMBAG THAT MOST MISSOURI REPUBLICANS HAVE ABANDONED AND WOULD LIKE TO FORGET. The folks who comprise his fan base are out of loop and don't represent any real voting bloc but people who are probably on some kind of watch list.

Still, the punchline here makes us happy . . . This flexing on the newspaper and among bottom feeder blogs, like TKC, only serves to reveal how far the former presidential hopeful has fallen as he feigns a comeback and attempts to salvage a career wasted by fighting with leaders WITHIN THE MISSOURI GOP.

Developing . . .


  1. No good guy in this story. Sorry.

  2. Look at the quotes. Eric is a weird and scary dude, but..., that doesn't mean the KC Star can fabricate information and pretend it is real.

    The Star is a disgrace.

  3. No, Chuck. That's your job.

  4. The Star's editors and journalists learned to lie without blushing a long time ago.

  5. Greitens lied to his wife. So why wouldn't he lie to YOU? Suckers.

  6. He might win a few votes if he campaigns wearing only his Speedos.

  7. Bad dude - I wouldn't vote for him.

  8. Of course, he is "weird and scary". That is what makes him SO FUCKING HOT!!!!
    What a bunch of whiny hypocrites. He didn't do anything to you. His fling with the bitch was consensual. His old lady knows what he's like and lives with it. Maybe she's into the same kink that he is. (She hasn't divorced him has she?)
    He likes kink. Like about a zillion other people as evidenced by the zillion kink porn sites.

    And far as the Star: If he was taking a cock up the poop chute they would say that he is "living his truth".

  9. I think Alt-Right support for Greitens is fake news.

    There's no way the incels are rallying around this Chad. Say what you will, but they don't want to be cucks.

  10. Chuck, I'm with you 99% of the time. Your analytical thought is likely the highest bar to which most of use could strive. That said, Greitens is certainly weird, but lets reserve "scary" for something that actually is. He's a 5 ft nothing buck thirty RINO who ran on the Republican ticket during an era no democrats were getting elected. I know of at least three other Dems that did the same thing. Yeah, his money/donors got the name recognition out that helped him win the primaries, but the "R" got him elected. Everything about the dude screamed dem, from personal debauchery to abuse of the public's trust, quintessential dem behavior. I doubt he even scared the hairdresser with his proclivities as she was gettin' jiggy with him while his wife was out of town.

  11. ^^OK Boomer.

  12. 2:10, so you agree with Chuck that he's scary? Muhgawd your a puzzy.

  13. ^^^ Everything screams dems with Eric? I didn't realize the Navy SEALs were producing a bunch of pansy Democrats.

    There are also plenty of 5 foot nothings that can kick ass.

    He's a Republican and always will be.


  14. Greitens is a democrat and always has been. He duped a lot of republicans knowing they would get him the votes he needed in Missouri, and is one of those democrats who stands with the 2nd amendment, but he is not a republican.

  15. 1:57 5"? Really?

    I didn't know that. I meant "scary" like weird.

    Look at both sides of his face. Cover one side, then the other. It is strange, or, maybe he can't help it and just looks that way.

    I can't help being fat, short and bald, so..., there is that.


  16. A pro-second amendment Democrat? Really? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    He's a GOP frat boy. Know it. Accept it. Own it.

  17. Love the logic. Winners are republicans. Losers are RINOs and secret democrats.

    I can't wait for revisionist Trump history to be exposed after the election. A pro-choice, non-religious, kinky pervert that used to praise Clinton and Obama. I guess he really was a democrat the whole time.

  18. We have to ban together and Help Bernie !! The Party is repeating 2016 once again.


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