Rock Chalk Sports Cash Decision Looms

College sports is basically indentured servitude and one of the most exploitative businesses currently operating in the United States. Here's one small way to offer a bit of improvement in a manner that wouldn't make the game any less commercially viable for colleges . . . Checkit:

Kansas Might Let College Athletes Make Money Off Their Fame Through Endorsement Deals

TOPEKA, Kansas - If Kansas lawmakers pass a bill allowing student-athletes to make money off endorsements, you might see the next five-star KU or K-State basketball recruits selling cars, shoes or soda. Dozens of states, including Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, are thinking about changing the rules since the NCAA said in October that it will eventually allow student-athletes to be paid for their name, image and likeness.


  1. KU already pays their players so this shouldn’t be a big deal. Rock Chalk Suck Cock, Gay U

  2. ^^^ Jealous again.


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