Friday, March 06, 2020

Rock Chalk NCAA Rebuttal

This town's favorite basketball team pushes back against a tough b-ball crackdown . . . Here's more insight into their rebuke:

KU responds to NCAA allegations against men's basketball team, denying wrongdoing

LAWNRENCE, Kan. -- One day after reclaiming at least a share of the Big 12 men's basketball title, Kansas has responded to the NCAA's allegations of wrongdoing. After being given months to respond, in a nutshell, the university says the NCAA is wrong and is denying any malpractice.


Anonymous said...

Self indulgent cheats. F'em

Anonymous said...

KU is a dirty program and everyone knows it. Rock Chalk Suck Cock Gay U.

Anonymous said...

^^ Learned that in grade school. Up your game.

Anonymous said...

Chimpy, chimpy. The only school you know is monkey school!