Rock Chalk COVID-19 Predictions

The opinion from the medical community continually "evolves" so while this report is informative and offers a great many facts . . . It represents one very informed perspective out of many . . . Read more:

A coronavirus expert from KU predicted this pandemic-here's what he says will happen next

Scientist in a clean roomIf you'd been a molecular biosciences student at the University of Kansas last semester, you might have known this was coming. In class, the concept of a deadly new coronavirus outbreak originating in China-such as the one currently bringing the world to its knees-was discussed.


  1. So it did come from Chinese eating bats.
    Do I make a racist comment about Chinese or bats?
    I am so confused, I will just shut up.

    1. Ummm that's not what he said. Here it is again even though you obviously just want to manufacture distractions from Trump's litany of dangerous lies.

      We don’t know exactly how this virus got into the human population, right? It’s clearly descended from a bat population—and what we do know is that there are a lot of coronaviruses in bats and a lot of SARS-like coronaviruses similar to this one and the original SARS. There’s a lot of viruses in bats in China. China has a lot of really amazing caves that are very important dwelling places for bats. Having said that, there are clearly coronaviruses in African bats—I think I saw a report where there was an Australian one. So it’s not totally just China, but there are a lot of bats with coronaviruses there.

  2. Always love the told-you-so stories after the fact.

  3. Your litany of lies is deadly so....

  4. Is this where you insert HIv spread by Homosexuals to America, stemming from the original practice of chimp prostitution in the Congo. ha, you never heard of it. Being so worldly and informed of culture diversities. And the sexual deviant behavior between man and primates ? While we are throwing out the hiding of facts and the evolution of people and their subhuman practices remaining in modern society. We can't point out the guilty parties. We can blame people that do. We get pissed when one speaks truth vs fantasies of the media. Enjoy learning about the world you search on line. The world you google the dreams of the deceivers. In some ways, you can not handle the truth. Animals are just animals.

  5. 9:10:

    Ummm...Thanks for all of the bullshit and the course in Batiology.
    But the virus crossed into the population somehow and I doubt that it got to humans through French-kissing their Bat girlfriends in Wuhan.

  6. 9:26:

    So what's wrong with Chimp pussy?

    It's pink.
    It's tight.
    An easy date on a Saturday night.

  7. So in other word Americans are going to have to break their addiction to consuming cheap landfill bound crap products and start producing their own stuff again.


  8. We should deport all the Chinese people living here.

  9. ^^^Yes! Right after the virus kills all the Boomers.

  10. And the stupid people like you 10:10

  11. 10:10 is in for a concentrations increase young people ARE being affected. And, it turns out, even young people with relatively mild cases are showing PERMANENT LUNG DAMAGE. Gasp... choke...cough...gasp...and as I was saying that's a life sentence for a younger person...cough...cough...

  12. Movies where made about this in the 90's but bubble people never thought it would ever happen, well its here naysayers...ENJOY!!!

  13. ^^^ Young people wouldnt understand. all they think about is sex, lets PRAY they use protection so they dont create spawn as usless as them.

  14. ^^^ +1000000000

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