Rock Chalk Coronavirus Crackdown

This town's favorite university has also suspended travel to China and canceled their internship program. Here's the latest bit of advice:

KU urges students to rethink Spring Break international travel plans as coronavirus cases spread

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- With some students already in countries hit hard by the outbreak, and others who had plans to travel abroad, U.S. colleges are trying to figure out the best ways to deal with the coronavirus. The University of Kansas is already in the process of suspending study abroad programs in China, Iran, South Korea and Italy.


  1. Go home to Iran , china. Return with Corona.. Dirty shitholes for those not wanting vetting and vaccinations. The greatest poster children for the anti vetting and vaxxers. Anything else you want to prove us wrong by only proving yourself wrong ?

  2. ^^^OK Boomer.

  3. If they're planning a spring break trip to Cancun or other "ports of call" in Mexico, they're already prepared to come down with something.


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