Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Pretend To Care About Clay County Dox!!!

This story became tiresome about 6 months ago and now is mostly the obsession of a Northland political consultant, three people getting paid to churn the controversy and low-end newsies just happy to be picking up a check . . . That's not to say that life-long political vendettas among middle-class white people can't be entertaining but the facade of good government complaining has been worn out . . . Still, this note is worth a read to catch up on the drama for those of us who stopped watching the social media circle jerks turning on their neighbors and feigning Northland grassroots concern.

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Latest Clay County Legal Loss: Judge Says It Violated Missouri Open Records Law

Clay County violated a Missouri law on government transparency when it sought to charge The Kansas City Star more than $4,000 for records, according to a judge's ruling. The case, the latest legal loss for the county, stems from a February 2019 records request from a Kansas City Star reporter who sought invoices from the county's outside law firm, Spencer Fane.


Anonymous said...

Gene? When are you announcing that you're not going to run for reelection?

Luanne already announced that she's bailing (and probably leaving the State), so you're left hung out to dry!

Better hurry and announce as soon as those donation checks clear, so you can empty your Campaign Accounts and run for the hills!

Anonymous said...

Clay County: the home of Jesse James.

Anonymous said...

I see many articles saying this or that violates some county, city, state law, yet nobody ever seems to go to jail. Not talking about theft, just about procedure.