Pitch Blasts Kansas Push Back Against Abortion And Politicos Who Support It

Barb Shelly rebukes this political stance with a hate speech comparison and more talking points right out of the Beltway playbook . . . Here's here missive buried in the pages of this magazine:

Kansas anti-abortion groups launch targeted harassment against lawmakers

The notion of purgatory - a way station between heaven and hell where souls are dispatched for purification - has become controversial among Catholics. But church leaders in Kansas appear to be in favor of making it a reality. They are singling out certain state legislators for harassment, vilification and re-education.


  1. The Pitch is just an irrelevant piece of trash. Time for it to go.

  2. Stop projecting.

  3. There would be more abortion supporters in the 18 to 40 year age range -except that their Mothers aborted them! Its a 100% fact. Very odd to think about. But if not aborted they would be alive and demanding abortion rights.

  4. Funny, how some call it harassment.
    Others call it "representative government".
    If you get your fee-fees hurt when a voter talks to you, then get another job.

  5. ^^^ Tell that to Trump and his supporters.

    1. Pretty rich coming from the bunch who've been constantly triggered by everything Trump has done or not done since the election. Lol

  6. No one who was aborted ever got to vote on any of this.


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