Petition Against Illegal Alien Youngster Captivity In Kansas City Stays Winning

Our blog community posted news on this petition FIRST but now here's important follow-up and a look at local progressive efforts to protect "the undocumented" are gaining steam. Checkit:

Petition Opposing Proposed Immigrant Detention Center On Troost Tops 4,800 Signatures

Opposition is growing to the proposed redevelopment of an old hospital in south Kansas City that could be made into a detention center to house immigrant children. As of Thursday, opponents had gathered more than 4,800 signatures in an online petition opposing the development plan.


  1. Are we more concerned about the chaos and damage of unaccompanied children being ferried by adults or on their own to a foreign country to live in the shadows in a form of modern day slavery OR a center that houses and tries to bring order to this dysfunction?

    I wonder what the reaction of any of these petition signers would be if their child ran away to Canada. Should the Mounties let them roam free to live on the streets or bring them to a detention center so officials can find out who they are, why they are there, and where they should be.

    1. You are a liar. These migrant children are unaccompanied because Trump's ICE kidnappers literally ripped then from arms of their parents.

  2. Good shut this idea down we don't need it.

  3. 8:31 - Oh right, those darn law enforcement officers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds from across the United States that have taken it upon themselves to create a kidnapping ring of minorities because....they just like kidnapping kids? Never mind these officers are our friends and neighbors. Never mind that they have dedicated their lives to helping immigrants. Never mind that their efforts target US citizens as much as illegal immigrants (you know they go after employers that exploit and target illegal immigrant). Never mind that the agency has been around for decades. Never mind that it's programs have largely gone unchanged since Obama was President.

    Don't look at that stuff - just pay attention to taglines like "Trump's ICE kidnappers"

    History will remember this "compassion" by Democrats as a racist and disturbing effort to keep millions of people in quasi-slavery.


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