Saturday, March 07, 2020

Peacemaker Questions Angry Kansas City

As the weather warms and local streets invariably become more violent . . . Taxpayer funds support an outreach program attempting to calm this cowtown's worsening temper . . . Take a look:

This Anti-Violence Activist Is Going Door-To-Door To Find Out Why Kansas City Is So Angry

Rosilyn Temple has been starting conversations about Kansas City's crime problem since 2014. Now, the U.S. Department of Justice is kicking in $75,000 to help her continue that mission for the next seven years. "The community is angry," Temple said. "That's why we have so much violent crime today."


Anonymous said...

We gave nothing to be angry about other than the river of lies from
Government at all levels but
Especially national government
Main stream media
Corporate media
Corporate ads
Friends and family regurgitating propaganda
So why would anyone just be angry?

Anonymous said...

She can reduce the area of her "concern" very quickly by taking a quick look at the "data" created by law enforcement in the city.
Just about sixty blocks on the east side.
And also she should be honest about how people react to their anger and analyze the identities of the folks who think they need to solve everything by shooting at and killing people.
She won't do any of those things, of course, because the violence and homicides are "everyone's problem".
Same song, 112th verse.
And all at taxpayer expense.

Anonymous said...

She ought to know about angry animals.
They are her tribe.

chuck said...

If you grow up in a family, where the expectation for free everything from the government is legitimized compensation for imagined centuries old unforgivable sins that convince you, that YOU were actually picking the cotton, then you are pissed. You are constantly told that the reason you are not a nuclear physicist who graduated from MIT and making 500K a year, is because "Whitey" is keeping you down.

Then, when "Whitey", "Affirmative Actions" your dumb ass into MIT and you come out with a degree in Post Modernist African American Gender Studies and you end up sitting on the porch all day with 'Corn Pop', it is far easier to pretend that you again, are being kept down by da man.

Affirmative Action, thousands of pieces of legislation, quotas insure that blacks and ANY, ANY, ANY person from here or overseas who isn't cursed with white skin, gets moved to the front of the line when it comes to education, employment and consideration for any benefit in America.

Still, hating whitey is much easier than EVAR having to look in the mirror and admit that you are lazy, or, just were not cut out to be astronaut.

Affirmative Action and the aforementioned initiatives were meant, to assist the descendants of slaves. Now, having morphed into a free for all for ANY "person of color" it is a racist weapon used against whites that knows no senescence and will be used to bludgeon your children's children's children over the head for the next century.

America hates you white boy.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yes, America does hate white people, especially white men.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ brilliant!

Johnston said...

white male victimhood? Now I've heard everything. You were born on 3rd and throughout you hit a triple but still get mad at everyone else for your failure. Sorry but that dog is going to hunt anymore.

chuck said...

8:00 Within 10 to 15 years, whites will be a minority in the United States, but you and I and everyone knows, that the financial burden of the RACIST legislation now in place, that affords again, ANYONE WITH SKIN OTHER THAN WHITES, FORM HERE AND ALL OVER THE WORLD, front-of-the-line-status will stay in effect in perpetuity.

Talk is cheap, but the fact is, everything I said is true.

Progressives are the personification if hypocrites who make bank on division. DACA kids are NOT supposed to be held responsible for the crimes their parents committed by crossing our borders, but whites are responsible for the ex post facto crimes of 17th century slave holders.

America hates your guts white boy and wants you dead.

Anonymous said...

well said Chuck!

Absolutely 100% true!

By the way, ms temples job is and has always been bleeding the taxpayers out of their hard earned money to go around occasionally and act sad and mad at a crime scene, she’s a con artist of the third degree, she’s scammed money from every government entity she can to support her life style of shrimp and Escalades. She’s a paid faux butthurt colored for hire.... and any government can hire her, if the price is right.

chuck said...

If you listen to people long enough, they will tell you what they want.

Oprah wants old white people to die off.

Jamie Foxx goes on SNL and talks about getting to "kill all the white people".

Oprah, genius that she is, on the Red Carpet for "The Color Purple" tells millions of viewers, that "MILLIONS OF BLACKS WERE LYNCHED". According to the black run and led, Tuskegee Institute, approximately 4,500 people were lynched between 1866 and 1964. 3,000 were black and 1,500 were white. They were all accused of violent crimes, none received due process, but it sure as fuck, wasn't "Millions of blacks".

This is typical of the ongoing narrative that is engineered in our culture and the media today. Maintaining the hatred of whites is an existential need for Progressives that in turn, helps them acquire political power and make money off of the backs of the white middle class.

Almost every single "Cop Show" has evil white cops corrupting the justice system and angelic "Gentle Giants" being discriminated against by everyone within a light year who is white.

If an space alien came down and watched TV, he would think not one black person ever jay walked and that we still lived in, essentially, the Ante-Bellum South.

The 4th estate, the Deep State in Washington DC, Hollywood and our elected officials get up every day and without having to "conspire", KNOW THEIR DUTY. THAT DUTY IS TO PILLORY, SLANDER, LIE AND DESTROY THIS COUNTRY.

Like it or not, you would all be sitting under trees, picking fleas off of each other and eating them without whitey.

Anonymous said...

When two opposing sides of an argument are presented, one by an honest man and the other by a liar, the liar usually wins, simply because he is not inhibited by the truth.

Anonymous said...


Q: What do you call a program that makes up to 4 house-calls a day, to chat about what's on your mind?

A: A taxpayer-funded bureaucracy in the making!!!

Anonymous said...

So free everything from the government like:

Free superhighways making it easy to enjoy urban culture while investing in exurbs,

Free corporate bailouts actually trickling down to your well off white family,

Free redlining that your family wealth is still building on,

Free war on black ... Oops war on drugs that breaks up black families while whites use just as much and the CIA gets drug smuggling $$ for illegal wars but crackers like you complain about family values,

Free government originated internet so well off people can read your reverse racism crap.

Anonymous said...

Nazi scum off our streets!

Anonymous said...

My community is angry no doubt. We are sick and tired of all the blacks freely roaming this country stealing and killing at will while screaming how they are so repressed. If she has to ask about crime she is to clueless to try and deal with it. Another black person holding a hand out wanting someone with a real job to fill it for her.

Maxine Waters said...

Black youngsters shopping for shoes:


Surround person wearing shoes you want.

Enlist 17 friends.

Circle and converge on wearer.

Stomp the shit of of her.

Take shoes.


Anonymous said...

11:54 is right. Black people are not allowed to use the internet and I never see them on the highway.

STFU whiner liar.

I do admit, that keeping them out of your neighborhood is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

A free cheese rat will eat all the cheese. Never seen a rat share shit.

Grip Madlock said...

If you talk the talk,walk the walk or else shut the fuck up,white pride is far from Nazi activity

Grip Madlock said...

I bet she went from Neiceys,to McDonalds,to Wendys,and then to Captain D's

Anonymous said...

midwestern white men are extremely angry these days. Why is chuck so pissed? chuck is like the angry white guy circle jerk supervisor. And you all are surprised that black men could be more pissed?

Anonymous said...

5:07 What does that even mean chimpy?

Anonymous said...

bunch of pissed off low income white guys thinking they are entitled to be more angry than low income black guys and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

5:40 will you scratch my back too, please?

Anonymous said...

.... and no proper brothel to rest their weary heads.

Anonymous said...

Yes chuck we want you dead. It can't happen soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Chuck has suffered too many electrical shocks in his life (he said so himself) and is brain damaged.

The simplest explanation is the correct one in this case.

Anonymous said...

5:40 you question had a hint of tenderness in it. how about massaging my chimpy inner thigh, and i will show you my climbing skills?

Anonymous said...

all men are deliciously succulent.

Anonymous said...

Graze your fingers
against my skin
like a soldier
crossing a landmine

throw your kisses
like grenades
into the trenches
of my mouth

carve bullet holes
onto my chest
and remind me
of where it hurts

let your moans
sound like gunfire
and your breath
feel like death

i'll come
if you promise
to destroy me

make war
not love

Anonymous said...

Here's the answer. Lack of self respect. Fatherless kids. This is happening in every city in America. It's not just a kc problem. It's an American problem. These problems started in the 80s with crack. Dad gets killed or gets locked up. Kid grows up now here comes 2020 same cycle. Lack of self respect. This problem has been simmering since the 90s. Be safe today. (Westside is the bestside)