Tuesday, March 17, 2020

No Luck Preventing Repeated Gunfire At Kansas City Cloverleaf Apartments

This hot spot endures more local violence as another shooting victim suffers from the rampant violence escalating at this locale . . . Read more:

Another person shot at Cloverleaf Apartments in South KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Another person was shot at the Cloverleaf Apartments in South Kansas City. According to Kansas City, Missouri, police, a shooting victim walked into a hospital early Tuesday morning who had been shot at the complex. The injuries to that person are not life-threatening.


Anonymous said...

Bulldoze the Ghetto!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you cannot convert the negro hoodrat race into a civilized society.

Anonymous said...

^^Don't care. Nobody cares. How's your cough?

Anonymous said...

Put a fence around it and drop off some ammo